Ten Bits of Randomness

1. DO NOT attend concerts if your primary goal is to talk to your friends nonstop for three hours and completely ignore the bands and the concert goers around you. It is rude and just plain wasteful. I pride myself on being a nonviolent person, but this kind of behavior makes me all kinds of crazy.

2. I can't stop watching My Strange Addiction http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/tv/my-strange-addiction on TLC...or Swamp People on The History Channel...or Ice Road Truckers. I have a serious problem. What TV guilty pleasure do you have?

3. I miss Glee more than any other thing...come on,  April! I hear there is a Brittana duet of some sort...and a Brittana dance number, too. Be still my heart.  I also heard that Lea Michele and Cory Monteith are a couple in real life. Finchel forever.  Also, Dot Marie Jones and Harry Shum both replied to one of my tweets. I totally GLEEKED out.

4. I love a good practical joke...the sillier the better. I am truly a middle schooler at heart. ;) Now I need to come up with a good April Fools joke.  Any ideas?

5. I am counting down to The Hunger Games...CANNOT wait! I hear that the film takes some creative liberties that aren't true to the original story. I suppose that is bound to happen when a movie can't really last more than 2 hrs. Still...super-excited. Will you be seeing it opening weekend?

6. I miss snow. This winter has been so very mild compared to last year. I love the quiet that snow brings...the fact that we are forced to slow down...to be careful...to take time...when it snows. I fear that summer is going to be brutal...very hot and very dry.  What's your favorite season? Why?

7. Draw Something is the new Words with Friends...the new Angry Birds. I can't
stop playing. Look me up and lets get busy sketching...

8. Pettiness is such a buzz kill. It requires too much time and energy and
accomplishes nothing productive. Some folks thrive on it, though. This I will
never understand. Got any pet peeves?

9. Grieving is not easy. I have been watching a dear friend grieve the sudden death of her husband and it breaks my heart. She is very strong in her faith and is a resilient person, but his death has left a void. I live 800 miles from her and her 3 children. During times like these I wish I lived closer...so I could comfort and help her and her family. I feel helpless sometimes because of the distance. Do you have any pointers on how to handle long distance relationships? Platonic? Familial? Etc?

10. I love a good game of hopscotch.

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